AMUST 1-Defender

AMUST 1-Defender

AMUST 1-Defender is a security software that provides the first line of defense
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AMUST 1-Defender is a security software that provides the first line of defense during any attacks in a bid to infiltrate or take over control of the system. It prevents attacks while working on email client Microsoft Outlook or while browsing using the internet using Internet Explorer or during utilizing instant messaging service through MSN Messenger. AMUST 1-Defender prevents the keyloggers, adwares, spywares etc from utilizing the loopholes in the operating system to penetrate the system for unauthorized tracking of information or access.

AMUST 1-Defender avoids the performance debilitation in normal modes of browsing safe. AMUST 1-Defender ensures speed, faster loading, and safe content when compared to Safe protected mode usage of internet that reduces speed of execution and prevents the relevant information from display in the wake of a possibility of a threat through them.

Features of AMUST 1-Defender is already present in Vista operating system and being included in Internet Explorer to ensure safe browsing when visiting unauthorized sites. AMUST 1-Defender is ideal for XP which has security flaws related to internet browsing allowing infections to penetrate the system.

Manoj Goel
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Discontinued by the developer.

Review summary


  • Provides first line of defense
  • Great security tool for XP users
  • Secures system against undiscovered viruses
  • Deploys LUA – least user account privileges


  • Irrelevant for Vista or latest IE users
  • Supports only Internet Explorer
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